Impress: Visage

Case Study

Impress: Visage

In collaboration with Nichie Enriquez, Kevin Feliciano & Youhan Guan

Impress: Visage is an interactive art installation where participants are encouraged to leave their mark on the project by taking selfies and then remix their facial features with those of previous participants. The project aims to make people think about community, identity, diversity and inclusiveness. By means of a facial detection algorithm, the self-portraits are automatically segmented into elements that make up the human face: eyes, nose, mouth etc. The “remix” part of the experience takes place as the facial fragments are projected onto a wall and the participant moves and recombines them via body and hand gestures via a Microsoft Kinect. The newly constructed portraits are saved and projected on an adjacent wall in the space. Every visitor’s features are saved to an image bank of eyes, noses and mouths that incoming participants can play with and contribute to in turn.


July 2015


Toronto 2015 pan am & parapan am games,york university (july 2015)

Iso: student night @ the power plantshow and tell (october 2015)


  • Max msp
  • Processing
  • Microsoft kinect
  • Projector


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