Chasing Stars

Case Study

Chasing Stars

In collaboration with Luke Lu Li & Rose Mengmei Zhou

Chasing Stars is a game that plays itself. The nine robots are sent into space and their mission is to learn to avoid obstacles and collect star dust. Behind the scenes, the way the robots respond to the immediate environmental conditions they encounter is determined according to an evolutionary genetic algorithm. Each robots’ genes are different, and better performing individuals are more likely to pass traits to the next generation. The levels are generated using a developmental model (a Lindenmeyer system), and are regenerated each time a robot completes a level. The stars behind are animated according to a cellular automaton whose rules are changing as the robots progress: the neighbourhood rules depend on each robot’s state of life and death. Watch as the robots stumble and learn to conquer unexpected conditions, and perhaps cheer on your favourite robot!

For this Project, my primary contributions were generating levels through an L-system approach and UI design.


April 2016


Digital media showcase (april 2016)

Computational beauty exhibition(april 2016)


  • Unity3d (c#)


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